Development of a Prototype

This week was devoted to the development of a functioning prototype.

The project was divided into 3 sub-groups, with each group performing  specific tasks which will then be incorporated in the last phase of the project to produce the end product.

Sub-group 1:

This sub-group is in charged of graphic designs required before, during and after the game e.g designing the start menu screen with necessary instructions and information on how to start, play, pause or stop the game, with corresponding backgroung images.

This group wll also be in charge of making the final video for the demo.

Sub-group 2.

The task of this sub-group is to implement the input and output modalities for the game. Gesture recognition, timer and other controls required for the interactions will also be implemented and incorporated with other modules at the final phase.

Sub-group 3.

Here, the actual run-down of the game is taken care of. Developing the questions and answers for the game, determining which reactions(sounds etc.) to produce when the answer is right or wrong, scoring method and scrolling through the game from first to last question producing the final score at the end.

The first prototype will be tested in the upcoming days.


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